20/92 video at Crane Arts Icebox

Natessa Amin and I recently collaborated on a video, Dixie Cup, which was screened at the 20/92 video festival at the Crane Arts Icebox. The festival is named for the size of the projection, 20 feet by 92 feet. A photograph of the projection is below!      

Video Snack!

My video, Storefront, is on view at Vox Populi from December 4th through January 8th, 2016, as part of their 4th Wall series curated by Video Snack.

Sardines on view at Fjord this month

My work, Sardines (a pair of cyanotypes), is up at Fjord for the month of September. The gallery is open Saturdays from 1-4pm and you can also see work from the other great artists in the show, from paintings to white board online courses. 

Philadelphia Art Book Fair Offerings

My books and I will be at the Philadelphia Art Book Fair this Friday and Saturday (April 24 & 25). Check out the City Wide Books table to see my books and work from Theo Mullen, Christina Kerns, Sam Mapp, Natessa Amin, Lydia Rosenberg, Micah Danges, Paul Salveson, and more! I will …

A Heap – Edition 2

The second edition of A Heap is now out, and it is limited to 15 books! You can see it at the Philadelphia Arts Book Fair April 24 and 25, 2015, or contact me if you are interested in purchasing it. $35.